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Join our Veteran Team of Kayaking Pros along the Great River Expedition 2014!



Did You Know?
Many of the men and women who have spent time in war zones experience lasting PTSD. As a concerned citizen or veterans, you can learn more about Post Traumatic Stress disorder and contribute to the identification and treatment awareness network.

Download this important document and continue your learning process PTSD can be treated effectively, and it begins with education.


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You or your organization can become an important part of the movement to make sacrifices for those who have given so much. Request a call or visit from us, we do the rest! (888) 716-4196


Check Back for developing details of the veteran guided Great River Expedition
May 1 - July 4, 2014 from
West Virginia to New Orleans by Kayak!

Primary Mission

They served us, now it is time to serve them
from hell to home
You don't have to go far to hear the intense stories of our fighting men and women coming home from the front lines in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theatres of combat.

Few of us could even imagine what these brave mean and women have witnessed. The hell and mayhem of an exploding desert, smells of burning who-knows-what, living in the state of fight-or-flight for 12-18 months at a time! My God, what they give of themselves under the colors of our flag is truly heroic. 

So now what? They are back. Some are able to readjust. Others struggle. And, painfully, others will find it too difficult and choose to end the pain by ending their lives (about 15 per day). The race is on. The race is for us as Americans to catch up to the demand for support that our heroes deserve. AHR, along with many other veteran support organizations, are in the race to win

American Heroes Return was initiated to address the needs of veterans as they transition from military duty to civilian life, or from active reserve status back to inactive reserve status.  

Our veterans give SO MUCH and we must be there to support them as they return to home and find their "new normal," whatever that may be for them. They have been forever changed by their service and it is our time and responsibility to assist in engaging in their new post-service lives.

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Troops to Truckers
   Rapid Retraining Program

FACTS: There are 30,000 troops returning from war, and 1 million new veterans over the next four years.

During 2013 and 2014, the United States Armed Forces will return nearly 30,000 troops from the Middle East, mostly from Afghanistan, back to the United States. In addition, the Asst Dir of the VA says there will be 1 Million new veterans entering the work force in the next four years! As these men and women return, what we also know is that many return with a “new normal” that will impact where they go, how they live, and what type of jobs they will be more successful more.

Training & Placement
   they served, we place

The demands of working in and around a war zone contribute to a veteran returning home with specific skill sets, strong work ethic, enhanced leadership skills and changed preferences for work environment. A program of career education and job placement has been designed specifically to address those changes in many veterans and rapidly prepare them for a career in outdoor oriented more.

  Veteran Advocacy
   who is there for them?

Whether working through claims paperwork to receive benefits the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Cost Guardsman and women have earned, or checking into a VA clinic for the first time, or reporting to the emergency room at the Veterans Medical Center, NO ONE should have to go it alone.

They supported our country as a force and we need to offer them a civilian force to engage here more.




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