What do we at VRN believe?

  • We believe that you, the military veteran, deserves to be received home from military service with the same respect, vigor, and excitement with which the military recruiter brought you in.
  • We believe that your personal call to serve our nation not only requires our thanks and respect, but has earned you a place at the front of the opportunity line when resources are made available to the public – ie. a veteran preference in all areas.
  • And we believe that you, our honorable veteran, has earned individual attention to your education, personal, and health needs, your plans, goals, and hopes for your life after military service.
  • We believe that all Americans should believe this also, and if not, be persuaded to do so through experiencing the services of a veteran.

This is not just what we here at the Veteran Resource Network believe, but it is WHY we do what we do. Period.

Believing that, what then do we want to do for our military veterans, our heroes?

VRN wants to provide the connection between veterans and great resources, internal and external to VRN, so that each veteran served comes closer to achieving what we believe all veterans deserve.


These include:

Training for a new career, specifically an outdoor, independence oriented profession

Employment, especially in a profession that VRN resources

Career Coaching, listening and responses from mentors with experience in a veteran’s areas of interest


Advocacy Services, which is pleading the cause of another and one that supports or promotes the interests of another

Our invitation to you is:

If you believe what we believe our heroes deserve, and we know you do, then walk with us along the pathway of servant leadership – that pathway of being a great leader through service. Make a contribution of time, money, prayers, and spreading the word.

VRN is here for our heroes, come along with us!